Spain and The Rock photos part dos


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  1. Megan

    Happy Belated Anniversary! You all must have had a great time b/c when I picked Robert up from the airport he was asleep within about 10 minutes; mumbled something like ‘Yeah, it was great’ snore, snore! 🙂 I got to see Riley and Pilar and her folks on the 4th – yeah! They seem to be doing great and the church wedding plans are coming along. Murd is his usual self ‘walking’ in the water and being playful, the big lug! I should have brought Dixie with me but she would have wandered off sniffin’ stuff. Lisa (my neighbor) has been training for a triathalon (sp?) so we’ve been to the lake a couple of times and Robert has been ‘coaching’ her…I’ll leave you to imagine what that might entail! Actually, he’s been helpful in timing her swims. We are grateful to have a place to do this! Lord knows I wouldn’t show up there without a Peters with me – never know when ‘Mr. Kravits’ will come out and yell at you! HA! All is good here, we have a reprieve from hot weather so I’m gonna take advantage of it. Plans are in the works for the Bash (we’re doing a murder mystery this year, so be ready to ‘act’!) Miss you much! Love, Megan

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