Argentina Photographs Part 2


4 thoughts on “Argentina Photographs Part 2

  1. Megan

    i think you planned your travels around the most countries that have monkeys! County Monkey! Pic of ‘the cats’ is classic! How are you doing? We finally got some cooler weather here, it’s been HOT and miserable, but that probably sounds good to you about now. The little shits are moving back in to town so everything is cluster! I miss summertime! We’re busy with a record number of students and they are my paycheck so I shouldn’t bitch too much! HA! Rob said Gare got to GW Springs already, so I’ll have to catch him when he’s home next. Am looking forward so much to seeing you! Take care my friend! Love ya!

    1. Leigh Ann Post author

      Hey Megan! Sorry for slow reply, I’ve been without internet for many days. Just got finished walking the Salkantay trail to Machu Picchu…Incredible! There is no doubt I love the monkeys and the donkeys:) I’m actually heading to hotter weather soon…Next up is Cartagena, Colombia. Good luck with the students…the fun begins:) Garrett is in heaven I think. Loving his job and his new surroundings. Hope all is well with you. I will see you soon! Love you Megs!

  2. Cheryl

    Gosh I can’t believe you are going to be coming home soon! Your house looks beautiful. Sorry you have been in the cold. Hard to believe it is winter anywhere. It has been soooooo hot here. I love the px of the kitty and the lion statue. I may have to get a copy of that from you when you get back. Nothing too new here, the Gross’s house sold, 550 so a lot less than what he wanted. The people who bought it seem really nice, live in Ptarmigan and are planning on gutting the house. I have no idea where the kids will launch their fireworks next year. I do not think they will want to share there soon to be updated dock. So maybe they can build a float. The kids had a blast this year, Riley, Pilar, Brooke and Matt played beer pong in the front yard till 3:30 in the morning. Elizabeth moved, really miss her but she is in a much better place. The crazy gypsies next door finally got evicted, haven’t met the new people yet. So girl, you be safe. When are you planning on getting home. Cannot wait to see you. My friend in Chili is here and probably will spend the next month or so here, as it is really cold in Chili!!! Love you bunches and take care of yourself.xxoo

    1. Leigh Ann Post author

      Hola Cheryl! I know it’s weird, I’ll be home in a month. Can’t wait to see you. I can’t believe the Gross’s are gone and Elizabeth too:( Your other neighbors…oh well:) Pilar and Riley told me how much fun the 4th was. I think they both miss home a lot but are starting to make Houston their home and are enjoying it now. Thanks for all the updates…I feel like when I get home everything will have changed…I guess that’s normal though. Robert won’t send photos of the house…he wants to surprise me but I’m sure it will look great. I’m really going to owe him after this year. How are you doing? I can’t wait to get caught up with your life. I am safe and doing well. See you soon. Love you! Hugs to your family:)

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