Bolivia Photos Part 2


4 thoughts on “Bolivia Photos Part 2

  1. Your eldest boy

    All of your photos are awesome!!! We should put something cool together after you’ve completed you journey. Maybe they can be incorporated into your book…? You can make up tales about folks/places in your photos and use other photos to help tell the story, a blend of reality and fiction.

    1. Leigh Ann Post author

      Okay, I like it. Sounds like we have a project ahead of us:) I’m thinking I won’t need too much fiction because the reality of the last year has astounded me. Of course I’m often so wrong in my assumptions maybe it will be mostly fiction:) I have some teaching ideas to share with y’all too. Love you bunches!

  2. Megan

    Hi Leigh Ann! I think a book is a great idea! You will have so much to offer and it will be a record of your travels for years to come; something to share with the grandkids! Sorry we missed you for Facetime… I was with Andrew in Vegas and he has the app but I don’t think you had internet at the time. We spent a few days there in the sweltering heat but mostly just hung by the pool and people-watched. Not as exciting as your adventures, but I sure needed to get out of FC for a few days, things have been a bit overwhelming. All is good here, nothing exciting to report. I look forward to seeing you when you get home! Miss you much!
    Love ya!

    1. Leigh Ann Post author

      Hi Megs! I’m glad you had fun in Vegas:) I tried to get back to you and Andrew when I had internet but it just never happened:( Knowing you two, I’m sure y’all had a blast. I can’t believe my travels are nearly at an end. I’m looking forward to seeing Robert and Leo in Mexico for some much needed rebonding time:) It will be interesting to see how Leo reacts to me…I hope he remembers who I am. For now I’m hanging with Juan and his girlfriend in Bogota. He has been a great host. It’s been nice to see him again and to meet his family. I’ll be home before you know it. Hugs!

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