Peru…Photos Part 3


2 thoughts on “Peru…Photos Part 3

  1. Sylvia Thomas

    What gorgeous pictures, Leigh Ann! I bet you are looking back at the last year and are in amazement of all the experiences you’ve had! We will all be so glad to have our friend back, but we are so proud of you to have done something so incredible. Enjoy your time in Mexico! Love you!

    1. Leigh Ann Post author

      Thanks Syl! It really was an incedible sight. The ruins are amazing but the scenic backdrop is just a total “WOW.” I’m sure it will take me a while to process the journey I have taken but yeah, sometimes I think back or look at photos and I’m kind of blown away with much of what I got to experience…and extremely grateful. Can’t wait to see everybody…I think coming home will be a bit of an adjustment too…but still very excited. Seeing Robert in Leo in 3 days!!!! Looking forward to having the two of them all to myself:) Can’t wait to get caught up with your life too:) Love you Syl!

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