Kenya, the Masai photos part 2


4 thoughts on “Kenya, the Masai photos part 2

  1. Robert

    Is that the toilet? Reminds me of our property in Fairplay! You’re all smiles as usual…carry on and see ya in June. Anxiously awaiting your Egypt updates.
    Love RP

  2. Lori Hafnor

    Thank you for the birthday wishes all the way from Egypt. I can’t wait to hear more. You are living the dream. Keep the posts coming, and savor the moments. John and I leave in 10 days to South America. First Peru, then Bolivia. Too bad we couldn’t coordinate meeting. Stay safe.


  3. Louise Beckett

    What a great post! You look so fantastic in the pics, very happy – I’m so happy that you are fulfilling your dream! Hope we can connect again soon but in the meantime, have some more great adventures that you can share…love you and miss you in leaps and bounds!

    1. Louise Beckett

      You can always get off the Camino if it’s too much- that’s the good part! I wish I could have made it happen to meet up with you… Don’t push it if you don’t feel like it, you can always just enjoy Spain! 😀

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