Marrakech and Fes Morocco….Photos part 2


4 thoughts on “Marrakech and Fes Morocco….Photos part 2

  1. Megan

    Perverts beware! DO NOT MESS WITH LEIGH ANN! Good for you, you did the right thing! Did you get your luggage?
    All is good here. I went camping with Lisa and Josh and some other friends over the weekend, froze and got rained on but it was fun. They say ‘hi’ and keep the pics and stories coming as do I! Miss you terribly, but oh so proud of ya!

  2. Rex


    I am happy that you are no longer in North Africa. I thought that you would probably be safe but was worried for you nonetheless.

    And now you’re on the Camino! I’m excited to see what you bless us with from that adventure. In the meantime be safe! and be happy! in your travels.


  3. Rex

    P.S. Thank you for taking us to Marrakech. I took a nice ride on the Marrakech Express long ago but many of the details are shrouded in haze. Not all of them thankfully.

  4. Louise

    So, the Camino is rough? I’ve heard the beginning time is the toughest. I hope it gets better soon. Adding this to your repertoire will be so worth it in the end!
    I am looking forward to hearing about all you are experiencing with it!
    House goes on the market tomorrow.Getting closer!

    XXXOOO Louise

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