The Camino de Santiago Photos Part 2


2 thoughts on “The Camino de Santiago Photos Part 2

  1. Lori Hafnor

    So glad to get an update. I was getting concerned, but thought you might have lost your phone so I didn’t panic. It sounds like a fantastic journey. I’m guessing you won’t be hiking the pacific coast trail anytime soon, eh? You should be very proud of sticking with it, and getting to the end. The pictures are fabulous. I especially like the one with the trees surrounding the trail. Take care of yourself, and keep the stories coming.

  2. Louise Beckett

    Glad to see an update on your blog! Love the pics and I agree with Lori, the pic with trees and the path is beautiful- will make a great painting someday when you get back- we’ll do it together! Love ya much!

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