Turkey photos part 1


2 thoughts on “Turkey photos part 1

  1. Shawn Schnabel

    Hey Leigh Ann!
    SO HAPPY to see you having such a great time on your great adventure!!! Keep posting… remember… I am living vicariously through YOU!!! We miss you and can’t wait to see you again!!
    Stay Safe!!!!

    1. Leigh Ann Post author

      Hi Shawn! How are you? I miss you! In fact yesterday my plane was delayed and I had someone waiting for me at the place I booked on Airbnb. I didn’t have internet on my iPad, so I found a computer to use but couldn’t remember my email password:( All I could think of was how can I get a message to Shawn so that she can help me:) Sad, but even after all this time, you are always the first one I think of to get me out of a jam:) It all worked out okay…anyway just saying I think of you often and fondly. Not just for jams but for laughs too:) Hugs!

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