Chile Photos Part 2


2 thoughts on “Chile Photos Part 2

  1. Lori Hafnor

    Love the pictures! Someday I’d like to visit Chile… the summer. I’m shocked you had a dislike of Argentina. I’ve always heard it was a must see. Good to hear you are doing well. I can’t believe you’ve been traveling for close to 10 months. Impressive!! Safe travels building memories.

    1. Leigh Ann Post author

      Hi Lori! Definitely Chile in the summer:) And also Argentina…believe me it wasn’t Argentina it was me:( I think I was exhausted, cold and I had been with people for months. Between the Camino, my family and friends and Garrett, I realized, other than my short time in Dalaman laying on a beach, I had been with people for several months…I think I just might have been a little lonely. Anyway, keep Argentina on your list and for Pete’s sake…Tango:) My travels are almost over. I will see Juan (my Colombian son, a friend of Garrett’s who stayed with us a couple of months last summer) in Bogota in a week and then I meet Robert and Leo in Mexico. It seems surreal. Hugs to you and yours. Can’t wait to see you when I return.

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