Chile…Photos Part 3


2 thoughts on “Chile…Photos Part 3

  1. Louise Beckett

    Fun art! Interesting stories! Talked to Robert today-said the house came out great so I’m going to check it out on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing you soon. I hope Leo goes crazy for you in Mexico! I’ll get my shopping shoes on for that dress you need. My arms will be wide open… Say hello to Juan!
    Hearts, Louise

    1. Leigh Ann Post author

      Hi Louise! Looks like you have been busy taking on a few art projects of your own. Hope you and Mark are enjoying your new home. Robert said you were stopping by…thanks for all your help with the house. He seems very pleased with it but is keeping it as a surprise for me when I get home. I hope Leo remembers who I am. I have a feeling he may snub me:( But I’m sure he’ll warm up to me eventually. Can’t wait to see you and yes, I would love your help shopping for that dress:) I’ll tell Juan hello. I see him next week…Love and miss you!

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